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Why transform your hair color to an awesome new shade only to fade it out your first day home from the salon. You are probably doing more than a few of these seemingly harmless practices on a daily basis that are wreaking havoc on your new dye job.

  • Water- Hair fibers swell and lift the cuticle, allowing water soluble dyes to escape your hair. Damaged hair swells even easier, making your dye fade even quicker. Ask your color stylist for a pre-wash primer to prevent your hair from becoming over saturated.
  • Heavy styling products- Many hair oils and shine serums contain heavy silicones that coat and build up on the hair. This build up can attract dirt and other particles from the air, which cause even the most vibrant colors to look dull.
  • Beating your hair up- Playing rough with your hair is bad for color. Avoid ripping through tangles and pulling your hair in tight ponytails or buns. This rough treatment of the hair will compromise the strength of the hair strand, allowing the release of dye molecules. Use a light leave-in detangler or hydrating solution daily on wet hair.
  • Heat styling- When using a tool that may scorch your strands, use a product that protects against heat. As discussed earlier, damaged hair leads to more water absorption, which leads to quicker fading.
  • Skipping trims- Your ends are the oldest. Over time, they become damaged, resulting in the ends of your hair not having the same fresh color as the rest of your head.
  • Never using conditioner- Use conditioner daily, enough said!
  • UV Light- Since hair products aren’t loaded with sun screen, wear a wide brim hat when spending extensive amounts of time in the sun.

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